Nothing is worse than being out doing errands with your kids when disaster strikes. I’m sure most moms can relate to some of these moments:

  • Baby diaper blowout. It’s happened to me and I didn’t have enough wipes to clean up the mess. (This is by far a super stressful moment).
  • Your toddler trips on the sidewalk, skinning their knee, but you can’t find a band-aid.
  • Having bored kids while being stuck doing something important.

These are situations that you can avoid by spending a few dollars and a few minutes of planning and prep-work to create the ultimate Mom Survival Kit.
We’ve all been there as moms. We’ve gotten stuck in situations outside our homes where we needed a certain item, but it’s nowhere to be found. Take a minute to think back to moments like this and try to figure out what are the things you needed at that particular moment. Start by making a list and gathering items to create a kit that you can either throw in your purse, diaper bag or even just to leave in the trunk of the car. I know for a fact it’ll save you a whole lot of aggravation and stress whenever you’re in another stressful situation.

Here are some of the items I consider useful. If I’m missing something, please feel free to leave a comment.

1. Diaper – Just in case you accidentally run out of them in your diaper bag, you always have a back-up. I’m personally obsessed with Jessica Alba’s Honest brand.
2. Wipes – Goes hand in hand with the diaper. They’re also useful to clean any mess up, especially sticky ones. Again, I prefer the Honest brand.
3. Stain Pen – It never fails to get a stain when you’re all dressed up for a special occasion and you get cranberry juice on your white shirt or the typical classic: red pasta sauce on your outfit. I’m so happy stain pens exist!
4. Pen and Paper – I used to find myself borrowing other people’s pens to jot something down. Purse notebooks are also useful for your kids to draw on.
5. Crayons – Just a few colors can make a kids life a lot better.
6. Hand Sanitizer – I like carrying this in my purse and pretty much everywhere because if there isn’t a restroom available, I’m able to clean and sanitize my hands on the go. I’m obsessed with the ones sold at Bath and Body Works. They smell delicious and they come in the cutest packaging.
7. Treats – I like carrying an energy- boosting snack in case I’m in desperate need of food.
8. Tissues
9. Sunscreen
10. Tampon/ Pad – Useful for when mother nature decides to visit unexpectedly.
11. Nail File – There’s nothing more annoying to me than having a broken nail that snags on my clothing.
12. Tylenol/ Motrin – For headaches or any pain.
13. Hair Tie/ Brush – These are a must and I also have them pretty much everywhere. I sometimes develop a bad hair day in the middle of the day!
14. Plastic Bag – Super useful for when you need to dispose of something (especially a dirty diaper) and you don’t have a trash can nearby.
15. Band-Aid – I like having a few of them in the case of cuts or scrapes.

Some good options to create your Mom Survival Kit is by using a clear travel bag, old baby wipes container, a small storage container, or even a freezer zip-lock bag. You can leave it in your trunk for emergencies or simply by having it in your diaper bag or purse.

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