Notes to Moms

To the mom who can’t seem to keep her baby from crying. To the mom who fears the pre-mom version of herself is forever lost. To the mom who doesn’t believe she will ever see a full night of sleep again. To the mom that can’t remember having a non- baby related conversation with her partner. To the mom that thinks she’s failing at motherhood. The learning curve is actually higher than you ever expected.

You’ll learn how to soothe the running tears, you’ll eventually get back into going out on romantic date nights again, you will get your stunning body back, and you will definitely get a quiet full night of sleep. A year ago, I was in your shoes. The postpartum blues weighed heavy on me. I sometimes considered myself a hot mess of a momma. Most days, I would frantically run to slip into some real clothes before my husband would walk in the house after work. I had gotten it down to a science. I would calculate the time he would leave work and off I went to put some deodorant and wear something that wasn’t stained or smelled like breast milk. This way, I would feel somewhat decent.

I kept judging my unfit body, my dragging mood, and my constant tiredness. I have to say, I think I was being way too hard on myself. But once I calmed down and thought about it, I realized that my body has birthed a baby. My under-the-eye circles have witnessed first smiles and giggles. My not-so-toned arms have cuddled my little one deep into the night, and my mind has given it all to nurture my baby. So, let me tell you something, soon you’ll look back at the early months of motherhood and you won’t believe in the progress you’ve accomplished. You’ll feel so damn proud of everything you have become as a first-time mom. You’ll learn to love motherhood and you won’t even wish for a second to have your pre-baby life back because the life you’re living and the moments you are witnessing are so amazing that the happiness that fills your heart now is almost impossible to compare. A mother’s journey is beautiful. And you, dear momma, are beautiful too.
Hang in there! The best is yet to come.

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