Home Alone

Being a stay at home mom is no joke. It hit me like a ton of bricks today. Being at home alone can get lonely sometimes. My husband is out working. The ush (th-ee yoozh). I admit though, I’d rather have a working and responsible husband than an X-BOX junkie. (No offense). However, even though we’ve been living in Las Vegas for almost 3 years and regardless of the amounts of people we know, I am with Julianna the majority of the time. I’ve sadly but surely declared myself a loner. I don’t know if it’s an age thing where people tend to grow apart, but it seems like everyone is in their own world, living life at their own pace, and thinking only about their own schedule and priorities. The word “effort” means nothing these days.

Having a child has made me a little sensitive. OK, fine. I take that back. It’s made me incredibly sensitive. I continuously make the attempt to surround myself with other moms with kids, but naptimes or husband’s days off seem to be deal breakers.

Embarrassingly enough to admit, I call my mom, two, three and even four times a day sometimes asking her all sorts of questions as if her full-time job is to be a living and walking encyclopedia. I’m talking about questions that range from “how do you know when eggs go bad?” to “what should I use to clean Julianna’s toys?” and to “how can I prevent an avocado from spoiling?” It’s actually a bit comical and a bit depressing.

Whenever my husband comes home from work, I realize I sound like a broken record. I honestly can’t keep my mouth shut! I get so excited talking to him or maybe the excitement comes from the simple fact that the person I’m talking to is an adult instead of a toddler. I can talk ‘till I get winded. I like to follow him to the kitchen, while he showers, brushes his teeth, and sits down for dinner as I tell him about my typical yet “uneventful” day. Sometimes, the problem is that he’s usually sick of talking to people and other times he’s just too tired to listen. I guess I’ll have to stick to my toddler companion and loyal listener.

Being home alone can be overwhelming. As a mom, I sometimes miss having some freedom; freedom to take a long shower, an afternoon nap, some quiet time to read a book, or a spur of the moment visit to the movie theater. This is when and how I know that it’s the perfect moment to take some time for myself either to get my nails done, to get a massage, a facial, or even something as simple as talking a walk to the park. I have learned that once I’ve given myself some time to revitalize myself, I’ll feel a thousand times better, refreshed, and ready to continue my role as a happy mom. I highly recommend other moms to keep some “me time” as a priority in your busy agendas so you can lead a healthy and happy family life.

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