Today, we decided to make it a fun day! My mother-in-law and I have been thinking of things to do with Julianna during the summer. Like I’ve said before, summers in Las Vegas, Nevada are no joke! Because they’re so hot, I’m unable to take Julianna to outdoor parks. Therefore, we’ve been trying out different indoor playgrounds. It’s been so much fun seeing her reactions in each one and visiting a variety of locations.


Today, we decided to visit Kidville in Tivoli Village. Kidville is a kid’s gym where they offer art, dance, and music classes. It’s a fun place for kids to learn, play, and grow. As we inquired about their monthly membership plans and classes, one of the dance instructors offered to give us a detailed tour of the place. The funny part is that as we were taking the tour of Kidville, I all of sudden felt as if I was doing a tour for Julianna’s pre-school enrollment. Since my pregnant hormones are all over the place right now, (making me extremely emotional) I began crying out of nowhere! #preggoproblems

After the tour, we were kindly able to join a complimentary class. Therefore, we were then scheduled in their “Rockin’ Railroad” class offered the following morning. The class offered a live band where they taught us about tempo, rhythm, word recognition, exploring different instruments, and meeting fun and funny puppets.

I’m so sad they don’t have a similar place like this one in Henderson, which is the city where we currently live. Regardless of the 35-minute drive, my daughter had so much fun interacting with other children and doing something completely different on a Thursday morning.

I was really happy that my husband and I were able to participate and witness such a fun experience for my daughter. I love how they encourage parents to stay and interact with their children. Playing is one of the most important things you can do with your child. Playtime helps your child build confidence, feel loved, happy and safe. It also helps to develop social skills, language, and communication, and much more. My recommendation is: if you haven’t done it yet, challenge yourself to experience something fun and completely different with your child! I’m sure you’ll both enjoy it.

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