An Everyday Routine

As a mother, have you ever wondered how much we move and how much we accomplish during the day? From the moment we unwillingly open our eyes until the moment we gently close them we tend to be in constant movement.

My typical day goes like this: I wake up because I hear my daughter on the baby monitor babbling and playing in her crib at around 8:30-9:00am. I slowly begin to wiggle my toes and move my hands to get the blood flowing. I usually lay in bed for another 10-15 minutes until I know she’s done playing with her teddy bears.

I pick her up, give her a bottle, and we lay together to watch cartoons. She’ll usually get bored after a while so I go ahead and make my own breakfast. My daughter is very curious to see everything that I do. Therefore, she likes to sit on my lap and eat breakfast with me. It doesn’t bother me at all. Sometimes, I’ll sit her on her high chair and she’ll eat her own breakfast as well. I just personally like to take advantage and enjoy these sweet moments.

After we eat breakfast, Julianna will start getting into pretty much everything around the house. This means that I’m chasing her wherever she goes. She loves taking all the lids to the pots and pans out, she’ll take out a big chunk of her toys from her basket and leave them all over the house, she’ll go into my room and pick up my books, or she’ll go into her personal kitchen cabinet and take out all of her bottles, spoons, plates, and more! As she goes on her destruction path, I am right behind her picking up every single mess she makes. I try to convince her to do something else, but her attention span is so short at this age that I can’t get her to stay focused for more than 15 minutes in just one single activity. This is when I begin to get a bit desperate so we tend to get out of the house to run errands or go to the gym so she can play with other kids her age at the Kids Academy.

By the time we’re back, I put her down for her afternoon nap. She’ll typically sleep for 2-2.5 hours (if our apartment is extremely quiet). If I’m on the phone or watching TV, she’ll sleep for an hour, if that. Lesson learned. This is the time when I take a shower, eat lunch, wash dishes, continue to do laundry, pick up, and work on my blog. Sometimes I feel like I’m rushing trying to get everything done before she wakes up from her nap. By the time I’m completely inspired working on my blog, my daughter wakes up. She is very clingy when she wakes up so she likes to watch cartoons with me by her side. If I’m doing something else, she wants to be carried at all times.

Our apartment is always clean and tidy. At least it looks that way by the time my husband comes back from work. He rarely sees a mess in our home, so he must assume that I don’t do anything all day, except watch endless episodes of Keeping Up with the Kardashians. Yeah, right. I don’t think men understand how much effort we put into keeping everything in order. His clean underwear and clothes don’t magically appear on his side of the closet. I wash them, fold them, and put them there. The dishes aren’t washed and in their respective spots because the kitchen fairy comes in. It’s because I do them as we go. Floors aren’t sticky and full of food crumbs because the maid came, but because I scrubbed them before he came home. Sometimes, I’ll forget to fill up our water bottles, pick up clothes from the dry cleaners, or complete some random errand I had on my to-do list and he’ll suspiciously ask me why I wasn’t able to accomplish such a simple task if I have all the time in the world. What kept me busy all day? I’m not sure if all moms feel the same way, but I’m extremely tired by the time my daughter goes down for her bedtime. I rarely have time for myself, to go out, to read a book, to lie by the pool, or to just simply watch my favorite TV show. I don’t discount how hard and stressful it is to be the sole provider to our family, but being a stay-at-home mom is also stressful and tiring. Once my daughter is sleeping, I have a constant battle with myself thinking if I should go to bed so I can catch up on some sleep or if I should enjoy some time alone. Am I the only one that feels this way? Please leave your comments down below. I’d love to hear your stories too!


2 thoughts on “An Everyday Routine

  1. 5princessesandaprince says:

    I stay home with our kids. 5 live with us full time. So the 2 month old is with me at all times, the 3 & 4 year olds are at preschool 3 hours everyday (& Nana picks them up and keeps them overnight 2x a week thank God) then my 3rd & 5th graders are at school 9-3:45 everyday. We are not morning people so woohoo for late start times! I still get up between 6 & 7 everyday (except Sat I aim for 8 on Saturday).


    • mommymornings1 says:

      Wow! I love that. I’m so amazed of how much we accomplish as mothers. That sounds like a smooth routine. It’s great that you get that help from Nana. Unfortunately, all of our family lives in Florida, so we have to depend on our babysitter to get some help/ time off sometimes. My husband and I also fly my mother and his mother here 2-3 times a year and they stay for a month at a time, so that is a HUGE relief. Especially for me. I’ve been thinking of waking up an hour earlier than my daughter so I can get some extra me-time, but I’m usually so exhausted that I can’t even open my eyes. I have to work on that! lol

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