How we Announced our Baby’s Gender

Being pregnant is always an exciting and happy time in a family’s life. However, this wasn’t the exact case when I was pregnant expecting our first daughter. My first pregnancy was without a doubt filled with fear, uncertainty, and anxiousness. Not because I thought something would go wrong, but because I felt different. In a way, I thought I was getting rid of my old self. I was losing my fit body, my lifestyle, and my freedom. I was overly conscious of my body, I was scared of what my husband thought about my ever-changing body, I was shy by how people looked at me, I wasn’t sure what was appropriate to wear, etc, etc. The list literally goes on and on. I honestly thought I was never going to be able to have my old life back. I had a bad case of what people called: “the fear of the unknown”.

Obviously, after Julianna was born, I was able to slowly, but surely get back into a smooth rhythm. Granted. It was a different rhythm, but it definitely satisfied my needs. I was able to join the gym again and get some great workouts, have date nights with my husband, and occasionally have some “me-time”. I realized that regardless of all the changes that had happened in my life, I was still able to become who I once was before.

When I found out I was pregnant for the second time, I decided from day 1 to look at my pregnancy in a completely different way. I wanted to enjoy every single moment and savor the beautiful joys of pregnancy. I wanted to do things differently. Till this day, I strongly regret not having any professional pictures taken of myself when I was pregnant with my first. I wish I could have had those memories saved forever. With Julianna, we were able to find out her gender in a very special way. My husband’s reaction will forever linger in my mind. He was so happy to find out we were expecting a baby girl. Words can’t even express how happy I was to be carrying our little girl!

This time around, I wanted to do something special to announce if we were expecting a baby girl or a baby boy. My husband and I made an appointment for a 3D/4D ultrasound at 14 weeks pregnant and secretly found out the gender of the baby. We bought a Gender Reveal Balloon and planned to have some professional family pictures to reveal the big news.

Our photographer Danielle suggested for us to drive to a place called Dry Lake in Boulder City, Nevada. It was only 20 minutes away from our home, so we thought it would be a great idea. We wanted to have our pictures taken during the sunset to capture the best angles with the best lighting as possible. I picked up 12 balloons at Party City and had the Gender Reveal balloon inflated as well. Once we arrived, we took several practice shots to ensure the best background and lighting and the results were amazing! I was getting so excited to see the final results. Once we popped the balloon, we realized that the confetti inside the balloon was so minimal and light colored that the camera wasn’t able to capture the gender’s color. Fortunately, I was prepared with 12 other balloons to reveal the gender of our baby. I am so happy we had them, if not, our moment could have been ruined.


Our photographer was absolutely amazing, patient, and extremely helpful. Especially because our daughter Julianna was in the photo shoot with us. Dealing with a toddler during family pictures isn’t always easy, but we were able to get beautiful pictures with her.

After receiving our preliminary edited pictures, we decided to send them to our family and closest friends. Unfortunately, since we live in different states, we had to share the news via text messages and social media. Our family and friends were extremely happy for us because we’re expecting a BABY BOY! We are beyond excited to welcome our sweet son into our family. Having these pictures taken has been the best decision we have made. These moments will stay with us forever and I can’t wait to print them so I can frame them and put them in our home. My heart melts every time I look at them.

I am also planning on having a maternity photo shoot later on in my pregnancy to also remember these special moments. I hope you enjoy the pictures and if you’re in Las Vegas, don’t hesitate to contact our awesome photographer Danielle Jenkins for beautiful pictures like these. For more information, her website is

3 thoughts on “How we Announced our Baby’s Gender

  1. Lauren-And Coffee Blog says:

    Love this idea! And great tip bring a TON of balloons for the reveal! I’m no where near being a mommy but this is too cute!!


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