19 Week Pregnancy Update

19 weeks and the baby has the approximate size of a sweet bell pepper!

Update: I’m not sure if this is how I felt when I was pregnant with Julianna, since I was concentrated on my full-time job, but I’ve been feeling extremely tired and sluggish with this pregnancy. My baby bump has begun to show and the shortness of breath has taken over my days. I also have a constant feeling of fullness, which has been driving me insane. The linea nigra is nowhere to be found yet. I think it was way more predominant with my first pregnancy. Interesting.

Something that I have noticed while expecting a boy is that my hair doesn’t grow as quickly. I wonder if that’s common. I usually wax my eyebrows every other week. Now, I’ve been extending my wax appointments for every 3 weeks! SCORE! This also means that I shave less, which is also awesome. YAY for having a boy! I remember clearly when I was pregnant with our daughter, I literally had to shave every other day because if not, I looked like Big Foot! I’m sure it has to do with the hormones that each gender triggers.

On an even better note, I have started to feel little flutter kicks. I had felt slow movements before, but now, I’m talking about little tiny kicks I see on the surface of my belly here and there. It’s usually hard for my husband to see, but I have an eye for it. I don’t blink.

The kicks usually happen when I’m lying down in bed. It’s like he wakes up when I’m ready to go to sleep. Feeling him moving inside me brings so much joy to my life. It makes everything more real now.

This wraps another successful week for us. Now, I’m off to some reading before my little one wakes up from her nap. Thanks for stopping by!





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