What Every Mother Must Go Through

For any mom that has gone through this, I’m sure you can relate. Today, I packed all of my daughter’s 0-12 month clothes. I had promised to myself that if any of our cousins or sisters had a baby girl, we would gift them everything that Julianna had since the day she was born; with some exceptions of course. That time has come. My cousin’s wife will be having a baby girl around the same time that I’ll be having our son. She’s due on March 1st and I’m actually due on March 5th; pretty crazy right?

Anyway, today, I had the hard task of putting all of Julianna’s tiny clothes into a box. There’s something about my first child’s things that make me get teary-eyed and sentimental. It’s not about the attachment towards material things. It’s about the nostalgia, the memories, and the thoughts that are associated when I see her belongings. For moms that have done this before know that it’s not an easy process. My husband on the other hand looks at me like I’m definitely going insane. He doesn’t get it. This is totally a mom thing.

I’m happy that just as fortunate as we were to receive these beautiful gifts for Julianna, my cousin’s daughter Emma will use and enjoy every single one of them too. My heart fills with love knowing that at least these articles will stay within the family.

For now, I’m happy that I’ll be able to experience a newborn baby all over again and have similar feelings when our son is born. I can’t wait!

What did you do with your child’s clothes? Did you have the same feelings?

Thanks for stopping by! I’m off to send this box now. XO!

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