Date-Night, Pumpkin Patch, Sick Baby, and More

This week was pretty awesome considering that I’ve had a sick baby for the past few days. Even though she’s been down with a cold, I’ve been lucky enough to receive lots of love and cuddle-time with her. She’s been nothing but calm, loving, and caring these past few days. All she’s wanted to do is be with her mommy. How can I complain?


Wednesday night was a girl’s night for me. My husband stayed at home with Julianna while I had some fun with my friends. A night out with friends doesn’t happen often for me, so I wanted to take advantage and make the best out of it. We started our night by going to our first pumpkin patch of the season. I was able to pick out a good round pumpkin to carve, go on the slide, and take some funny pictures with the girls. We then headed to our friend’s house to open up Akoya oysters and make beautiful pearl necklaces. Akoya oysters are found and farmed mostly in Japan and China so my friend orders them online and has them delivered straight to her house. Akoya oysters are salt-water pearls and the name Akoya comes from the oyster that produces a pearl; pretty interesting right? I had no idea they produce such beautiful pearl colors. I was able to open 3 oysters, which gave me 3 different colored pearls: I got a rose gold, a creamy-colored one, and a dark blue – truly amazing.


Thursday night was all about cuddling and watching movies on Netflix with my husband. We decided to give House of Cards a second chance since we weren’t drawn to it the first time we began seeing it. Now, 5 episodes into the first season, we’ve declared ourselves officially HOOKED!

Saturday was dedicated to spend time with our friends at their house since they invited us over for dinner and drinks. (I had water, of course). Julianna was able to play with other kids which makes me happy.


The weekend came and guess what? My husband and I went on a mini date. We went to see “The Girl on the Train” at the movie theater. I had already read the book, but I wanted to see the movie as well. I have to say the book was a bit slow, but the movie was pretty cool. At least my husband liked it too. I’m glad we were able to go to the movies because I can’t even remember the last time we were there.

In regards to my pregnancy update: I am now 21 weeks pregnant and I’m feeling pretty great! I can’t believe the baby has an approximate size of a cantaloupe. I’ve been waking up a bit tired because my nights haven’t been all that great. I keep waking up to go to the bathroom or just because my mind won’t quiet down. I think my body is preparing me for the late night wake-ups once the baby is born. I also think that chasing after a busy toddler has a lot to do with my tiredness.


What were you guys up to this week?


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