Why My Life has Been so Meaningful

Lately, I’ve felt nothing but gratitude. I’ve experienced nothing but bliss. My heart has felt blessed in every way not only because I’m happy to be where I am and to have the things that I have, but also because I’m happy to be surrounded by such amazing friends and family that bring so much honesty and genuine love into our lives.


Thanksgiving was a major success this year. It’s without a doubt one of the most anticipated holidays of the year for us, so we always make sure to do it right. My husband and I are huge fans of the quality family time and the delicious dinner that comes along with it. We hosted an intimate Thanksgiving dinner last year in our apartment, which was great, however, this year was very different. We were invited to join our good friend’s Thanksgiving dinner at their new house. We all know how much prepping, organization, and time it takes to create a beautiful Thanksgiving dinner and I must say, everything turned out beautifully. Our day consisted of a perfectly executed dinner and unforgettable moments with many of our closest friends. Everyone had something to give and contribute in a very special way and that to me, is unforgettable.


Besides Thanksgiving, I’ve felt blessed for having friends that have been consistent and loyal in our lives. True friends are hard to find, so I’m happy good people surround us.

Not to be a bragger, but my daughter and husband make me feel so darn proud too! I’ve seen my daughter grow into such a caring, lovable, social, happy, funny, and smart little girl. Her personality, at her age, is just unbelievable. She lightens up a room wherever she goes. I wouldn’t change her for the world.


To top it off, my husband is just as awesome. Not only is he the hardest working person I know, but also the sweetest and most thoughtful person I know. He always takes into consideration my feelings, my happiness, and my wellbeing as much as his. That to me, is priceless. He can be exhausted from working all day, but he’ll help me with anything I need. This includes doing the dishes, finishing laundry, bathing Julianna, cooking dinner, or giving me a massage to relieve the tension on my back. That’s just to mention a few. Not everybody is like that, so I’ve learned to be very appreciative of it. Even the tiniest moments make my day these days.


What are you grateful for?



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