Why Moving Felt like We Left Our Lives Behind

Today, we are moving to our new house – our very first house. We have been anxiously waiting for this moment for years, and now, that moment… is finally here. We meticulously searched for the perfect location, for the perfect neighborhood, and the perfect home to raise our children. My husband and I chose beautiful modern country touches to be included during the construction of our new house. I have always been in love with this style of decor and now, my dream is coming true. The excitement was keeping me up at night. The anticipation of how it would look and when it would all be completed was driving me insane. Joey and I were finally able to have it our way. Crazy enough, time flew by and here we are, with the keys in our hands.


Regardless of all the excitement and thrill, I have to be settled into our new space, for some reason, I feel as if I’m leaving a huge chunk of my life behind – a very important one too.

We lived in our apartment for 2 years and during that time, believe it or not, we got to live the most important milestones a person can experience in a lifetime. To give a little background of our story: three years ago, my husband Joey and I moved from Florida to Las Vegas in search of a better future. We were coming from warm and humid Florida and then transitioned to a hot and arid Vegas.

Huge change. I know.

However, we were extremely excited to build a new life in a new city. We moved into a beautiful modern apartment complex and began building our lives there. Soon after, we found out I was expecting our beautiful daughter – Julianna. Our unforgettable first-born experience was lived here, in this now vacant apartment. I have to say those strong feelings and sweet emotions are irreplaceable. Birthdays, dinner parties, family gatherings, our first hosted Thanksgiving and Christmas, special guests, the birth of our daughter, and most importantly our lovely marriage made up our 2015. On February 19th, 2015 the man of my dreams proposed to join our lives forever. We were married on March 1st, 2015 – a few days before the birth of our daughter.

After those HUGE events in our lives, my husband and I have also proudly accomplished major achievements in our career lives. His major accomplishments have given us the ability to live comfortably and to purchase our very first home as a family.

To make things even sweeter, 2016 has been nothing but great to us; especially with the exciting news that we’re expecting our second child – due in March of 2017.

So when I began packing and realizing everything that we have lived in this apartment, tears began rolling down my eyes. This place has been magical in every sense of the word. It has given us the biggest joy of our lives. It’s hard to look back at this vacant unit when it was once filled with so much love, hope, aspirations, dreams, and special memories. We are now waving goodbye to the place where it all began. Maybe one day we’ll be able to look back and remember how special it was and how much meaning it gave to both of our lives.


As I step into our new home, I see nothing but space and light; space to continue to live beautiful memories with my family and most importantly, welcome our son into the world. His addition will be extremely unique and significant and I can’t wait to see what our future brings. I am anxious to find out how much more meaningful our house can be and how much happiness it’ll bring to us as a family of four.


One thought on “Why Moving Felt like We Left Our Lives Behind

  1. Julie says:

    I am so proud of what the two of you have accomplished in such a short time.
    I wish you bushes of love and happiness in your new home while making new and beautiful memories along the way!


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