Christmas in Our New Home

The biggest concern that I had with this huge move, was for us to be settled in our new home before Christmas. I know; it’s silly.

Christmas is my FAVORITE time of the year, so I always make sure I decorate our home beautifully so we can all enjoy it to the fullest. I want to teach my daughter the importance of family traditions and for her to learn to appreciate the act of giving.


After some stressful last minute adjustments, we were lucky enough to move into our home on December 20th, 2016. We were so happy, excited, and anxious to see it completed, that we arranged everything in 2 days. When I say everything, I mean e-very-thing. We had our appliances, water softener, furniture, and cable set up the same day we moved. We also hired an electrician to hang our chandeliers and dimmers around the house. The landscaping company also began their work on our move-in day. The following day was mostly about cleaning and rearranging the rest of our belongings. Surprisingly enough, our backyard was completed within 4 days after our move-in as well. It’s so satisfying that we were able to host and enjoy Christmas with family and friends in our brand new house.


Words can’t express how happy we are with how everything turned out. Even though we are only able to enjoy our Christmas decorations for some short few days, I can’t help but feel grateful and blessed to have received the biggest present EVER- our first home.

Julianna also had a blast opening up her presents this year. She received some pretty cool puzzles, an easel, and a Gourmet Kitchen to play with. Her face opening up the presents was priceless and incredibly emotional for me. Her innocence and joy mean the world to me.


I hope you all enjoyed the holidays with family and friends as much as we did.


What was special for you this year? Leave your comments down below!


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