Third Trimester Update – Baby #2

My third trimester has been a bit interesting. It began with tons of stress because of the move to our new house. The holidays were coming up and we had family coming over from Florida, so my husband and I wanted to make sure everything was in place before Christmas. This way, we could all enjoy the holidays peacefully.

The stress of the move, amongst other things, made me have a pregnancy scare. Here’s the story: I had gone out to dinner with some friends and in the middle of our meal, I had a HUGE contraction that left me mute. I was sweating, my vision was a bit blurry, and because of how tight my stomach was, I couldn’t even move. I honestly felt like I was going to faint or deliver right there, that night, on the dinner table, right in front of our friends. Talk about embarrassing! My husband immediately noticed my pale face and asked me if everything was OK. My stomach was so tight I couldn’t even respond back, but he knew that something was wrong. I felt strong urges of using the restroom (yes, #2) so my good friend came with me and made sure I was OK. I sat there on the toilet waiting for the contraction to be over, not even using the restroom. This contraction felt like it lasted a lifetime. No joke. After a few minutes, the contraction was gone and I felt perfectly fine. I was able to walk back to the table and enjoy the rest of the evening. Weird right? It was definitely the strongest Braxton Hick contraction I’ve EVER had.



The night I had the strong contraction


The next morning when I woke up, I found weird spotting and a small blood clot in the toilet. This scared me the most! I immediately called my doctor and the nurse advised me that if the spotting was bright red and continued, to go to the hospital to get checked. Fortunately, the spotting was mild and of a pinkish, brownish color, but it continued, so I chose to go to the Labor and Delivery department to get checked and make sure everything was OK. It’s better to be safe than sorry. The nurse explained to me that because of the color, it meant that it was “old blood” being discarded. She explained that stress, sex, and/or the strong contraction could have caused a breakage of a small blood vessel causing the minor bleeding. Nothing to worry about. I was glad to know that baby boy and I were doing just fine.


At 31 weeks pregnant, I had to do my 1-hour Glucose Tolerance exam. I had to drink a very sweet drink, wait for an hour, and then have my blood drawn. This test is used to determine glucose (sugar) levels during pregnancy.


After having that scare, I decided to stop working out at the gym and lifting heavy things. I needed to be conscious of how much I’m doing during the day. Taking the time to rest and relax is extremely important, so I make sure I get some of that each day. Especially now that we’re almost at the end of my pregnancy. I want to be able to deliver a healthy and happy baby boy.


Have you had any issues or scares while being pregnant? Leave your comments below!

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