The Type of Mother that I am

You know? I’ve come to realize that there are several types of moms with different types of parenting styles. Every mom I have met has a different lifestyle, theories, and own methods of taking care of their kids. Even though I’ve learned a lot throughout my motherhood journey, I try to limit my advice and let each mother explore their journeys on their own. Every child is different and every mother is different. For this reason, I created a blog where I share my own personal experiences and thoughts about my mommyhood expertise. Anyone can ignore or use my advice as they please.

I am personally raising my daughter the same way that I was raised. My mom was a stay-at-home mom until my sister and I became teenagers. She dedicated a big part of her life to our home and our needs. My mom was the type of mom that would take the time to sit down and help us with homework, to study for difficult exams, and would encourage us to become whoever we wanted to be. She made sure we were always well fed and healthy. Some people might say she didn’t give us the chance to explore our lives on our own, but her unconditional love and support provided us with confidence, respect for her, and many valuable morals that I cherish every day. She was a soft type of mom the majority of the time, but a stern one when she had to be. My sister and I highly respected her at all times. We knew that she would be willing to give us the world if she could, but at the same time, we would also understand if she couldn’t. She made us appreciate everything that we ever had and helped us understand to never feel attachment towards material things. She taught us to always clean after ourselves, to have a tidy and clean home, and to always respect others. When I had my daughter Julianna, I found myself acting the same way that my mom used to be with me. Following her footsteps was my number 1 priority. There are certain things that I have changed and adjusted to fit my own personal lifestyle and family, but the foundation is the same.

I am the type of mom that likes having a clean kid. No buggers running down her nose, dirty fingernails, shoes, or clothes. It might sound a bit obsessive since kids are meant to be messy, but not in my eyes. Not in my house. I like to take the time to attend to my daughter and make sure she is well taken care of.

I am the type of mom that doesn’t trust anybody to take care of my child. Our babysitter has been with us since I was 5 months pregnant; so that means, a total of almost 3 years. It might be a mistake for me not to have other babysitting options, but it is very difficult for me to find somebody to enter my home and gain my trust. It is definitely a slow process, but I’ll make that decision in my own time.

I am the type of mom that doesn’t let her child run around places wild and free. I like to be able to see her at all times. There are way too many crazy people in this world looking to kidnap kids or even hurt them. Also, if I can avoid an accident from happening, I would want to be there. I’ve read, seen, and heard way too many tragedies happening to children because of a parent’s ignorance and negligence. I don’t want to be that mom.

I am the type of mom that has a schedule and a routine. I know I have missed out on certain events or moments in my own personal life for sticking with my daughter’s routine, but it puts my mind at ease knowing my child eats, naps, and sleeps well every single day. The schedule that I have had with her since she was born has brought peace and happiness in our home, especially because my husband and I are also able to spend quality time together every day. I think that one of the reasons why my daughter is such a happy baby is because she gets the necessary number of hours of sleep every day. Maybe our second child will be different, but I sure will have him on the same schedule as Julianna hoping that we’ll continue with our groove.

I am the type of mom that actively teaches her child. I like to take my time to play and teach her new things. Don’t get me wrong, I also let her watch cartoons and use her Ipad, but it makes me happy knowing she also enjoys active-learning playtime with mommy.

I am the type of mom that gives importance to holidays, special events, and traditions. I want her to grow with a strong family foundation that she can pass on to her future family as well.

I am the loving type of mother that likes to show affection and love in everything that I do. I like to show my daughter that it’s OK to hug, kiss, and say I love you as many times as she wants. Affection, approval, and acknowledgment are very important in any child’s development.

I honestly think there isn’t a right way of parenting. I think everyone has a different style and we can adopt certain qualities from other moms so we can try to be the best mothers that we can to our children.

Unsolicited advice from people can sometimes be hurtful. Especially when someone is judging your parenting style. It can hurt because it makes us feel as if we’re doing a bad job as a mom when in reality, everybody is different and there isn’t a “right” way to raise a child.

What type of mother are you or want to be to your children?

Photo Cred: Danielle Nicole Jenkins Photography

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