Top 13 Must-Have Products for Newborns/ Infants


Becoming a mother is extremely nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. However, a new mom doesn’t know what’s really necessary for a newborn until after the fact. Registries are often filled with a bunch of products that aren’t necessary, so I’ve made a list of the top 10 products that I absolutely loved for my firstborn baby and that I’ll continue to use with my second.

  1. Diaper Pail: This is great to have in the nursery because you can throw the dirty diaper away and not have any stinky smells in the house. The trash bags are a recurrent expense, though. In my opinion, they’re worth it.
  1. Wipe Warmer: This was a lifesaver for me during midnight diaper changes. I don’t think anybody would like to be wiped down with a super cold wipe in the middle of the night. Because of the warmth of the wipes, my daughter’s diaper changes were a lot easier and calmer. I know deep inside she appreciated my thoughtfulness.
  1. Swaddle: Julianna used a swaddle until she was about 5 months. I stopped using the swaddle once she began turning to her stomach on her own. Having a swaddle at this age (with arms strapped) could be a suffocation hazard. Also, once I began sleep training her, I had to remove certain sleeping props.
  1. Sound Machine: This has helped me a lot with her nap time and night time routine (since babies find these tunes soothing) and because it minimizes noise around the house. The images on the sound machine’s projector helped her stay entertained and not freak out when I left the room.
  1. Bassinet: Babies like to sleep in a tight and confined place. Think of it this way: babies were in a really tight environment for 9-10 months. So when they’re born, it’s like they’re living their 4th trimester. We just need to make sure we recreate a similar environment for them to feel comfortable and “at home”. This also includes the white noise from the sound machine, a snuggly place to sleep, and movement/ vibration if they need it. I particularly used the bassinet that came with the playpen the first time around, but I want to try the Halo Bassinet with our son.
  1. Car Mirror: It gives me a peace of mind for me to be able to see my baby while driving. I purchased a colorful mirror with music and lights that would also help calm her in case she needed it.


  1. Playpen: Perfect for traveling. It’s easy to open and close and good to have in the room for the first few months.
  1. Nose Frida: This is the BEST product I’ve used when Julianna gets sick. I was able to suck her boogies out (I know it sounds gross, but it actually has a filter to prevent the boogers going into your mouth). I used this religiously to prevent an extremely clogged nose, which could ultimately cause an ear infection. The bulb syringes provided at the hospital were absolutely useless to me.
  1. Baby K’Tan: One of the easiest and best baby carriers I had for the first few months. She stayed warm and tight against my body, which soothed and calmed her down. I was able to go grocery shopping, cook, and eat peacefully while wearing her. I then transitioned to the baby Bjorn.
  1. Baby Gym: It kept my daughter entertained the majority of the time. I had a Fisher Price one that included a small piano for her to kick. It played music and had interactive toys. This is a great way to help them stay focused during “tummy time” too.


  1. Teething Toys: I am so happy Julianna used these. Whenever I knew she was teething, I would freeze them to help soothe her gums. Orajel, Motrin, and Homeopathic Teething Tablets helped her tremendously too!
  1. Lovey/ Blankie: Julianna has been attached to a lovey since she was about 14 months old. After I took her pacifier away, she finds comfort in her little blanket. For some reason, it calms her down and she loves sleeping with it.
  2. DVD – Happiest Baby on the Block: This DVD was given to us as a gift and we absolutely loved it. The information in it really helps you understand what babies go through when they’re born. I highly recommend it.

I am still discovering new products that are useful during the newborn and toddler stage. I will make sure to add more useful items once I find them. Which are your ultimate must-haves for newborns/ infants? Please leave a comment below.

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