The Most Beautiful Daddy-Daughter Moment I’ve Witnessed

Today, my daughter woke up crying in the middle of the night, which is extremely unusual. I was wondering if maybe she had pooped her diaper, if she felt some sort of pain, or if she was woken up by a nightmare. I decided to walk in her room to make sure she was OK. I, of course, picked her up and hugged her tight to comfort her. She, however, immediately began asking for daddy. I called Joey (who was watching TV in our living room) and told him that Julianna wanted him. I heard her cry when he walked in and as he held her in his arms. I was so worried just by listening to her from outside the room.

I assumed that Joey was holding her tight in his arms because he kept whispering in the sweetest way that she was OK, that daddy was there and that nothing would happen to her. My heart exploded with love hearing him talk to her. He kept telling her how much he loved her and how she’ll always be his little girl. He reassured her that he would always be there and that he wasn’t leaving. Surprisingly, with his soft words and voice, she began to calm down and cried less and less. He then continued singing her favorite song and shortly after, she stopped crying! She had fallen asleep peacefully and safely in his arms.

As a mother and as a wife, I felt like I had just witnessed the most beautiful, magical, and a heartfelt moment between them. As a stay-at-home mom, I am lucky enough to spend all of my days with our daughter. However, Joey has to work until late in the evening so his time with Julianna is very limited. He tries his best to play with her and give her as much attention as he can before her bedtime, but sometimes it doesn’t seem enough for her. She asks for daddy many times during the day which tells me she misses him.

We try to make it a point for Joey to spend daddy-daughter time on his days off from work so she gets his full attention.

Sometimes, even though we think our kids don’t know what’s going on or that they can’t understand feelings, just know that they can. Julianna with 22 months, she has been expressing herself in many ways. She has been expressing happiness, anger, embarrassment, sadness, shyness, love, attachment, etc. We do our very best to acknowledge her behaviors, attitudes, and feelings so she knows that she is truly loved by the BOTH of us.

I believe it is crucial for BOTH parents to be involved physically, mentally, and emotionally in our kids lives for them to strive and be great kids.


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