A Sick Mommy with Kids

Hi everyone! It’s me again! I know I have been MIA for some time. I’ve been trying to split into a million pieces in order to get a million things done, but sometimes it’s just impossible. On my latest post, I explain why I’ve been kinda lost in the blogging world. My kids have been keeping me extremely busy and now to top it off, I’ve been pretty much sick with a cold for the past 2.5 weeks. Yikes!

I don’t even know how we got sick to begin with, but my husband assumes that Julianna must have picked up something at the park when he took her after work. Obviously, I got sick right afterward and we must have given it to baby Rocco. Lucky Joey is “cold free”.

Julianna and I were able to handle our colds pretty well the first few days, but then Rocco began having a fever. Since he’s only 3 months old, I called the Pediatrician so he could be seen as soon as possible. Once I got there, his fever was at 100.4 F and she recommended me to go to the ER immediately for him to get urine and blood tests done. I rushed to the hospital and got him admitted. My husband was running errands with Julianna at the time, so I had to handle everything on my own. Once the nurses took his temperature again at the hospital, it had gone up to 101 F. They suggested putting a catheter to get a urine sample and to insert an IV to draw blood from him as well. The thought of witnessing both procedures freaked me out. I couldn’t even imagine the pain that he was about to experience. I believe that our child’s pain is super-mega intensified in mothers. I began crying while they prepped him. I had to hold his tiny little arms as the procedures were done which made everything so much worse for me. Hearing him cry in pain was like receiving a million punches in my stomach. If my husband would have been there, I probably would have stepped out. I admit it: I have a weak heart.

After the procedures were done, my husband and Julianna walked in the door. He saw my face of panic and shock. He had gotten me a yummy sandwich and coffee to stay sane. We spent the majority of the day at the hospital until the doctor released him. They gave him a dose of antibiotic through his IV and then we were able to go home.

We visited his Pediatrician the next day for a follow-up and she gave him another dose of antibiotic to make sure that he was going to be OK. Fortunately, he hasn’t gotten a fever anymore and his congestion is almost gone.

That same day, I had to run to Urgent Care because I had a weird pain in my ear and guess what? I had an ear infection! As soon as I found out that I had an ear infection, it’s like my ear decided to hurt even more. The pain is something I’ve never experienced before. It was so sharp and painful I felt like screaming and crying at the same time. I began my treatment with antibiotics, Ibuprofen, and ear drops but I’m still having discomfort in my ear. To make matters worse, because of the congestion I can’t even hear from that ear either. It hasn’t actually “popped”, so it feels as if my head is under water.  Sweet.

Anyway, it’s been some long couple of weeks feeling like this now. It has been almost impossible to get some proper rest to recover. The kids are feeling much better, but I’m still here; counting the minutes until this “cold” is all gone. Everything seems so much harder to do when you’re sick; especially when you have kids. This is when I miss MY MOMMY the most. Some TLC, home-made chicken soup, and lots of sleep to feel better.


4 thoughts on “A Sick Mommy with Kids

    • mommymornings1 says:

      Yes! I am finally getting better now. It was difficult but we were able to manage. Joey was able to stay away from it. Good thing! I send you many hugs and I can’t wait to meet your princess


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