3 Tips to Keep Your Sanity as a Mom

If you've been following my blog, you know that I experienced the infamous "baby blues/ postpartum depression" after having my second child – Rocco. Fortunately, my husband and I detected it on time and we were able to do something about it before it got any worse. I felt exhaustion, anger, sadness, hopelessness, insomnia, and very low energy. For some reason, I felt resentment and I wasn't happy with myself. I felt like nobody understood me or what I was experiencing. I felt like I received very little support so I thought nobody cared. To top it off, I felt like I had tons of pressure from my family, my husband, and my friends to be the perfect mother, wife, and friend. I had the impression that they expected me to have my shit together in no time. I was far from that; way far from that. I didn't want to fail anybody, especially my kids, so I kept putting more and more pressure on myself which eventually led me to almost hit rock-bottom. Fortunately, I didn't have to be medicated, but instead, we only had to make a few adjustments in our lifestyles in order for me to gain my confidence and sanity back.

After having a long and deep conversation with my husband about my feelings and emotions, we came to the conclusion that we needed to make some adjustments in order for me to begin to feel like myself again. He was very open and willing to listen to what I had to say. He showed tons of concern and was extremely supportive. I am so blessed to have him in my life because he has done everything in his power to give us all the stability and love that we need as a family.

Once we began doing these 3 things, I began feeling SO. MUCH. BETTER.

First of all, my husband was awesome enough to offer to have our babysitter come over 3 times a week (every other week) for 3-4 hours so I could have some time for myself. During this time I could go to the gym, run errands, go to the store, or just read a book by the pool. This way, I was able to be alone and recharge my batteries before heading home again. There's a saying that says: "It takes a village to raise a child". I don't have that village here in Las Vegas, so my only option to have a break is to have a babysitter every now and then.

This time was sacred for me.

I spent most of my time releasing all the stress and frustrations at the gym and at Cyclebar. I was sweating it all away. Literally. This alone time was a blessing because it made me feel so much better almost immediately. Now that I think about it, I'd like to compare it to feeling like a pressure-cooker waiting to explode. I needed to release all that tension one way or another.

Working out made me feel better about myself.

Working out at the gym was extremely helpful. Not only because I released a lot of stress exercising, but because I had clear goals in mind to feel like myself again. Carrying 2 babies in less than 3 years definitely had an impact on my body. Nothing was the same as before. It was driving me insane. Setting fitness goals helped me achieve them. I committed myself to losing the baby weight in a short period of time. I went to the gym every single day and I cycled every other day as well as part of my cardio routine. I surrounded myself with like-minded people and they boosted me as they continued to see my progress. In 4 months, I lost all of my pregnancy weight and I even lost a couple more after that. I was able to tone some parts that I didn't even think I could in such a short period of time. Having dedication, consistency, and determination is what's pushing me forward.

Date nights with my husband helped us find our groove

Taking time for ourselves was extremely important too because we were able to disconnect from our daily routines. It can get so monotonous sometimes that you feel like you're living Groundhog Day all day every day. Going out, dressing nice, and having fun would reset our minds and help us connect with each other on a deeper level.

Parenting isn't easy, but once you've found your groove, everything becomes so much easier. Taking time for yourself is the best advice that I can give. It might not be important at the beginning, but it will definitely help in the long run. What do you do to keep yourself from falling apart? Do you read books? Do you wake up extra early? I'd love to read your options. Go ahead and leave your comments below!

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