Sunday Vibes: Crazy Week

Happy Sunday everybody!

A crazy week is an understatement. This past week has been nothing but overwhelming. My stress began with Rocco’s surgery because he was going to go under general anesthesia. We spent a few hours at the hospital and even though his recovery has been awesome, it took a lot out of me.

Two days after Rocco’s surgery, my husband had a Syncope episode early in morning before going to work. I freaked out at firstΒ because I thought he was having a heart attack. He was taken by the paramedics to the emergency room for further examinations. Fortunately, all of his results seemed to be normal. I scheduled a follow-up appointment for him with a Cardiologist to make sure his heart is healthy. I have to say it was one of the scariest moments of my life.

After experiencing all of that crazy stress, my body felt completely whooped and drained. I felt like I could sleep for hours. I didn’t even feel motivated to go to the gym, which is strange. Now that a few days have gone by, I’m back on track and feeling great! I’m not sure if it’s because Mercury Retrograde is also over (LOL!), but I feel more energetic now and back to normal. Also, since Rocco was born and I stopped breastfeeding (when he was 3.5 months old), I’ve gotten a total of 3 menstrualΒ periods. MyΒ last one lasted 2.5 weeks! It’s crazy how my body is still adjusting after giving birth. Also, it’s been 6 months and my linea nigra is still visible. It’s below my belly button but I’m wondering when it’ll be completely gone.

To make matters worse, we are now watching the Weather Channel and the news non-stop because of hurricane Irma. Both of our families are in Florida. They are extremely well prepared, but you never know with mother nature. This is when you realize how insignificant you are compared to the world. According to the news, the hurricane is currently heading to Naples which is where my dad lives. Fortunately, he was able to put plywood on all windows of his house, stocked up with piles of food and water, purchased a generator, and placed sandbags along all doors to prevent water from going in the house. Hopefully, the damage to his house won’t too bad. I’m glad and relieved that they decided to evacuate to Pompano until the hurricane passes. The rest of my family is in Orlando, so we’re also hoping for the best. We have some friends and family that didn’t want to take any chances at all and left Florida. I don’t blame them since this is the largest hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic Ocean. So scary. Please keep Florida in your prayers.

On a happier note, today we’re having a Mickey Mouse themed birthday party and then we’re headed over to have Julianna’s first soccer meeting. Joey and I decided to sign her up on a soccer team since she’s been extremely interested in the sport. Hopefully, she’ll continue to have interest and strive within her team. Wish her luck!

Have a beautiful Sunday!


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