Rocco’s Circumcision

My husband and I decided to schedule Rocco’s circumcision shortly after he was born. We knew that the procedure needed to be completed sooner than later for a faster and easier recovery. It’s a fact that babies heal at an extremely fast pace. Joey and I wanted this done not because of religious reasons, but because we believed it would be more hygienic in the long run. After his Pediatrician’s examination and evaluation, she recommended us to visit an Urologist.Β We went to Dr. Jessica Casey who specializes in Pediatric Urology. She was extremely kind and patient with us during our appointment. She explained that Rocco needed a procedure that would consist of a: circumcision, concealed penis repair, circumcision revision, chordee repair, and torsion repair. Yes, this all sounds very scary but she made sure to make us feel comfortable by explaining every step of the way and by letting us know that this is a very common procedure.

The procedure needed to be done with general anesthesia and between the age of 3-6 months. The sound of it freaked me out. I couldn’t even imagine my little boy laying down unconscious in the operating room. Besides trying to understand the delicate yet common procedure, I also had to deal countless hours on the phone with the insurance company. Every time I would call them, I would get a different response. I couldn’t get an accurate estimate from any of their representatives on how much our out-of-pocket expenses would be. Because of the insurance and the type of plan my husband has through work, we were stuck with a $3,000 deductible and an out-of-pocket maximum of $5,000. We had to pay our deductible to Dr. Casey plus 20% of her fees, then we had to pay 20% of the hospital’s fees which was another $1,500 or so, and now we’re waiting to receive 20% of the anesthesiologist’s bill. So in layman’s terms, let’s just say it cost us over $4,000 to make Rocco’s penis look good. Yikes!

His check-in time at the hospital was at 10:30 a.m. for a 12:30 p.m. surgery time. The preparation before the big day was pretty simple:

  1. No diaper cream or any type of lotion on him the night before
  2. No solid foods after 12:00 a.m.
  3. No bottle-feedings after 5:00 a.m. (of the day of the surgery) only Pedialyte or water.
  4. No water or Pedialyte after 10:00 a.m. (day of the surgery)

Since Rocco goes to bed at 8:00 P.M. and doesn’t wake up until 8:00 a.m. the next day, I decided to wake him up at 4:45 a.m. and feed him his last bottle before 5:00 a.m. After he drank his bottle, he went right back to bed and woke up at his regular time. I’m happy I decided to do that because I knew that it would be a long day for all of us and I didn’t want him to lose his mind from being so hungry. We tried giving him Pedialyte (I bought 2 flavors: plain and fruits) but he didn’t like neither of them. Considering that his last bottle was at 4:45 a.m. and that the surgery was pushed to 1:30 P.M. (instead of 12:30 P.M.) he did amazingly well. He was very patient and calm through his entire hospital stay. I think I was the nervous wreck!

Once the nurses prepped Rocco and took him from my arms, I burst out crying. I hugged my husband and sobbed imagining the worst. I was so worried and sad to see him go.

The procedure took 1 whole long hour and once it was done, Dr. Casey came out with a big ol’ smile reassuring us that everything went extremely well. Rocco was now waiting for us in the recovery room. When we walked in there, Rocco was slowly waking up from the anesthesia so he was a bit fussy (totally normal.) He was immediately handed over to me and I hugged him so tight because I was so relieved that he was safe in my arms. He fell asleep on my chest for a few minutes until I was instructed to wake him up to feed him.

He took an entire 8 oz bottle of milk and then began to slowly feel better. After about an hour later, we were able to go home with simple instructions.

Rocco was so happy to see his sister Julianna and his grandma. He was smiling, giggling, and playful. Surprisingly, he was playing with them in no time. He was crawling all over the floor, playing with toys, and acting as if nothing had ever happened. I think I was more scared of his recovery than the actual procedure. I didn’t want to see my little baby suffering at all. I honestly couldn’t believe how well he was doing since I imagined the absolute worse. The doctor told us that if Rocco seemed to be in pain we were able to switch it up between Motrin and Tylenol (because he was already 6 months old.)Β *Always consult with your doctor the dosages and the type of medication needed for your child*

The clear bandage that he got after surgery was supposed to stay on between 7-10 days. He wasn’t able to take a bath for 48 hours, but after that, we needed to give him a bath and have him soak for about 10 minutes so the bandage would begin to loosen and fall on its own. The bandage fell on the 7th day.

We were told to apply an antibacterial ointment called Bacitracin with every diaper change and once the bandage fell off, we needed to apply vaseline all over. It was extremely simple and easy to deal with. Not pretty to look at because of it’s redness and swelling, but very easy to clean. Phew!

Mommy Morning Tips:

  1. Take cash or money for coffee/ lunch/ or snacks.
  2. Take a sweater since hospitals tend to be cold.
  3. Dress comfortably. Same goes with your child. They’ll take his clothes off once he checks in at the hospital.
  4. Take your diaper bag so you can change his diaper when needed.
  5. Take a bottle or 2 so you can feed him immediately after the surgery.
  6. Take a bottle of water (if he’s old enough to drink it) just in case.
  7. Take a blanket and lovey for the baby so he feels safe outside of the home.
  8. Take some toys for distraction.

2 thoughts on “Rocco’s Circumcision

    • mommymornings1 says:

      My husband and I decided to circumcise him for personal reasons. Not because it was medically recommended. We are happy with our decision and I’m pretty sure that his future wife will be too. Thanks for you feedback and for visiting my blog!


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