Sunday Vibes: Greek Festival, Hellos, and Good-Byes

Happy Sunday!

This week began with fun times, transitioned to bitter moments, and ended with very happy and exciting ones!

For the second year in a row, we attended the annual Greek Festival. The fun energy is extremely contagious and the food is just delicious! I could eat e-very-thing. No joke. Julianna was excited as we walked into the festival because she could hear the music. She wanted to dance and play with other kids. The food lines were long and insane, but I could totally understand why. Every stand served delicious and healthy Mediterranean food. The place was filled with large families enjoying the evening, tons of kids running and playing around, fun dancers on stage, large tents in every corner, beautiful bistro lighting, and Greek music in the background. Julianna danced all night long. I’m not even exaggerating. She had so. much. fun. 

After a month of continuous help with the kids and our house, my mother-in-law needed to leave back to Florida to resume her own life. She invited all of us to have a family dinner at Maggiano’s restaurant. What a great place to order family style food and have some leftovers too! She dressed up Julianna and turned her into the cutest little baby doll. We’re happy to have had the opportunity to have her here with us for so long because it relieved some of the pressure and stress that comes along with our everyday routines and lifestyle.

To top it off, she actually MADE our Halloween costumes. Yes. She made them. From scratch. They all turned out beautifully and professionally made. I am SO excited to show you the end result. We are all dressing up as a family and possibly competing in some Las Vegas Halloween events. We’ll see.

The best part of the week is that I FINALLY got to see my mom. It had been almost a year without seeing her (this never happens, but it did). This was the first time that she would meet Rocco for the first time, so the anticipation was killing me. I couldn’t wait to see their reactions; especially Julianna’s. When my mom walked in, Julianna was with Joey in our room. My mom called her name and Julianna rushed out to see who was calling her. When she noticed it was “abuela” (A.K.A grandma in Spanish), she ran and hugged her while laughing but kinda crying at the same time. It was a priceless moment for sure.

Soccer practice was a little better this week. At least she participated more than last week. Her game the next day was fun too! Because of Julianna’s age (2.5), it is completely normal for her to get easily distracted. She actually played the game during the second half while carrying 2 books in her hand. Hilarious! I just love seeing her interact with other kids. Now, I want to find out about dance classes for her. I think she’s a music lover, so I’m sure she’ll love to learn how to dance.

I hope you enjoyed your Sunday and thanks for stopping by! We’re currently enjoying a beautiful 67-degree weather today in Las Vegas. It can’t get any better than that!

Much love,


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