Sunday Vibes: Our Week and Las Vegas Shooting

Last Sunday’s post didn’t make it to the blog and that’s because we were mourning. Last Sunday, October 1st, we experienced the unimaginable. Even though our week started with fun-filled moments, we ended the week with a tragic event that marked our lives forever.

Our week was pretty great! Pretty busy, actually. We took the kids to the park several times since the temperatures have dropped dramatically. The weather has been so nice that we’ve been enjoying every single minute of it. Especially outside in our backyard.

Joey and I pretended to be tour guides and took my mom and her boyfriend to see Red Rock Canyon. We paid for the National Park entrance, took a few beautiful pictures, and hiked for a little bit to enjoy the scenery. Since we were all starving (including the kids), we took a quick ride to Bonnie Springs Ranch where they serve the best, juiciest, and softest BBQ ribs I’ve ever tried. They really never disappoint. The cool thing about that place is that they also have a petting zoo and several ducks in a pond for kids to enjoy.

I’ve been dying to have a fun game night, so we decided to play a game called “Watch Ya Mouth”. It was hilarious! We laughed so hard throughout the entire game. This is a great family game and extremely funny.

Julianna’s soccer game was much better this week. She played a few minutes for the first half and then a few other minutes during the second half. Not bad. However, her attention span is minimal. But then again, it’s completely normal for her age.

Joey and I also had a few date nights and brunch this week. We were taking advantage that my mom was here to take care of the kids.

As a matter of fact, on Sunday night, (October 1st), we decided to go to the strip for a fun date night. As we were on our way to the strip, I began searching on Yelp for different restaurants so we could figure out what we were in the mood for. I suggested several restaurants, including one of the restaurants we’ve been wanting to try called Libertine Social located at the Mandalay Bay hotel. At the last minute, we decided to go for some strip views and white wine from the restaurant Mon Ami Gabi at the Paris hotel. We had a delicious dinner and then headed over to visit my sister-in-law at Beer Park also located below the Paris Hotel. As we were sitting at the bar talking to her, we heard about 20 police cars rapidly driving through the strip. We kept wondering what was going on. We even thought it was some sort of pursuit. A couple of minutes later, my sister-in-law was approached by head security and told her that she needed to start closing every tab in the restaurant because there was a shooter at Mandalay Bay. She obviously advised us to leave immediately. By this point, there were a lot of rumors on Twitter and social media. We began seeing people rushing and leaving the hotels. We kept reading that there were several shooters in different hotels, (including the Paris hotel where we were at), so we were very scared for our lives. We walked quickly to the parking lot to get our car and once we did, we were in shock of the videos we were finding on Twitter. It was truly scary and I can’t even imagine what the victims were experiencing. Not knowing the truth is nerve-wracking. Especially because we learned that a lot of people were spreading rumors on social media to get retweets or social exposure. I think it’s completely ridiculous and uncalled for. These people should definitely get banned for causing more stress on others.

We were able to leave the parking lot and take the back roads to go home. We drove about a mile away from Mandalay Bay, but we were still able to see the helicopters and policemen surrounding the area. Both Joey and I kept saying how much we just wanted to get home to our kids. The fear and distress don’t really hit you until a couple of days later when you realize how lucky and blessed you are to have made it home safely. My heart aches for all of the people that lost their lives and for those that experienced major fear and stress during that situation. We have been glued to the TV ever since and it’s just crazy to learn that the gunman Stephen Paddock had several placed rented/ reserved including an apartment that was overlooking the “Life is Beautiful” festival, “Lollapalooza” festival in Chicago, and even searched for hotels near Fenway Park in Boston. Authorities believe that the shooter couldn’t have done this on his own and that he possibly assumed that he would escape and follow through with more pre-meditated attacks. Not knowing if we are safe (in our own city) is extremely scary. This horrific event marked us for life. I don’t think I can attend any future large gatherings because they always seem to be perfect targets for attacks. I truly hope authorities/ government come up with some sort of plan or strategy to keep us all safe.

I truly hope that nobody in your family or circle of friends were affected by this tragic event. My thoughts and prayers are with all the families that are now suffering by this unfortunate situation.

*This post is in no way sponsored.