3 Reasons Why I Send Personal Thank You Notes

Sending personal thank you notes isn’t typical in my country – Venezuela. Not because we’re not grateful for special gifts or for someone’s attendance at a party, but simply because it’s not in our culture to do that. Plus, the truth is that our mail service sucks. I guess we just express our gratitude in a different way. Probably with a personal phone call or with a visit to their home. Sending thank you cards is something I learned how to do once I met Joey and joined his American family. The very first time I ever sent a thank you card was right after Julianna’s baby shower. We were really showered with tons of awesome gifts which made me feel extremelyΒ happy and loved. To express our gratitude, Joey suggested for us to send “thank you cards”. Thank you cards? “I’ve never even heard of that before”, I thought. But it made perfect sense to express our gratitude through my writing (which is what I do best). After that particular day, it became customary in our family. We like to send out thank you cards and our yearly Christmas cards to friends and family. I believe it adds a nice and caring personalized touch and that for sure brings a smile to their faces.

For this reason, I’m all about sending thank you notes. Here are 3 reasons why I began loving it.


You said thank you in the moment and that should be enough, right? That’s what my Venezuelan sister says. She stands by her beliefs. “There’s no need to say thank you again”, she says. However, in my opinion, sending a card shows that you thought about it afterwardΒ too. Their gift, gesture, or support was truly meaningful to you so you want them to know that it hasn’t been forgotten.


Most people appreciate a thank you note, but others expect it. Sending a thank you card goes a long way. No matter who’s receiving it.


This is one of the real reasons why I send thank you notes. There’s nothing better than receiving “happy mail” in the middle of all the monthly bills. It brings a smile to someone’s face and the thought of that brings a smile to MY face. It feels good knowing that I made someone’s day a little brighter, just like they did for me.

What are your thoughts on thank you notes? Is a text or call just as good? I would love to know. Leave your comments below!



2 thoughts on “3 Reasons Why I Send Personal Thank You Notes

  1. Adolfo says:

    I’m glad you send Thank You notes. It’s customary, according our customs and usual practices associated in our society. Nowadays, people think that clicking a heart on Instagram, sending an email, or posting a note on Facebook is appropriate and sufficient to express gratitude, when they’re actually impersonal, devoid of any social empathy, and eliminate the opportunity to share your feelings and appreciation directly to someone that took the time and trouble to help or please you, or most importantly, that you choose to ignore the basic fact that you’re very fortunate that the person actually crossed paths with yours. Congratulations.


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