Sunday Vibes: Halloween Decorations in Our Home

Julianna has already been through 3 Halloweens. However, this year is different. It’s different because she understands the concept of it. She has been obsessed with Halloween this year. She watches Halloween cartoons all day errrday and she weirdly loves Halloween stores. Every kid freaks out when they see a funky clown, an evil laughing witch, creepy spiders, or a spooky ghost; but not my daughter. She feels comfortable being around them since I explained to her that they were just toys. The holidays are definitely more meaningful for her this time around, which I absolutely love. I become a kid again with each holiday and I enjoy seeing her happiness and excitement with each one of them.

Because of Julianna’s love towards Halloween, I told my husband that I thought it was time for us to start decorating our home for each holiday. My mom and dad were never fond of decorating for the holidays. My mom disliked taking everything out of boxes and putting them back in once the holidays were over. This is one of the reasons why I want to do it completely different with my kids. I absolutely love decorating and making arts and crafts with my kids.

This year, we bought a few Halloween decorations to make our house look Hallowinish. I even stopped by Joann Fabrics and bought a few plain pumpkins and decorated them on my own. The bat wall is my husband’s favorite.

The Pumpkin Patch is also a must during this time of the year. We’ve already been to the pumpkin patch a couple of times this year and why not? Julianna enjoys going down the big slides with her daddy and on the mechanical rides. It’s such a fun experience for them and I’m sure she’ll cherish these moments forever.

Have you guys thought of what you’ll be carving your pumpkins as? Leave your comments below. Also: don’t forget to refer to my previous post on how to help your carved pumpkins last longer!



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