Sunday Vibes: My First Helicopter Ride + Mexican Fiesta

Hi you guys! How have you all been? I’ve been over here. You know. Busy. Taking my first helicopter ride. (lol)

These past weeks have been just awesome. So many things going on, including a helicopter ride! We decided to do this for our friend’s birthday. Joey wanted to surprise me as well since I’ve never been on a helicopter before. I have to say, it’s a little nerve-wracking a first not knowing what to expect. I was able to sit right next to the pilot and have the best view. I have to admit it feels a little scary at first, but then I got comfortable in my seat. After flying for about 40 minutes, we landed right at Pahrump’s Valley Winery.

This place was great! A total gem. It was super cute and a great learning experience. One of their rooms was filled with over 450 award-winning wines. So incredible.

We were fortunate enough to be able to taste different types of wines (red, whites, blends, zinfandels, etc). After the wine delicious and fun wine tasting, we got to customize our own wine bottle with the wine of our preference. Pretty cool, right? We’re typically the Cabernet Sauvignon type of drinkers, but we ended up taking a really soft and delicious Merlot this time around.

After the great tour, we had the opportunity to have a late lunch at their restaurant. Our friend had customized the menu, which was a great personal and thoughtful touch. We enjoyed our meals and sipped on some of their wines.

On the way back, we were able to enjoy a beautiful sunset and the incredible views of the Las Vegas valley. It was truly breath-taking to see the Las Vegas strip at night from a helicopter. For some reason, it made my eyes tear up and it reminded me of how much love I have for this city.

Dinner was another fun and crazy event. We ended up having a Mexican birthday party at Lindo Michoacan for our friend. We had Mexican hats, mustaches, glasses, and all. So much fun!

So far this week has been good to us. It’s been nothing but fun moments.

Hope you enjoyed an awesome weekend! What’s going on in your weeks? Any Christmas prep?

Love always,


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