The Best Thing My Mom Did as a Parent

I visited my family in Florida this weekend and as we were driving in the car, I remembered something she used to say.

My mom would always say: “there’s nothing you could ever do or say that would make me not love you.” She would say it at random times, at bedtime, or after getting into deep trouble. Even though my sister and I were pretty wild growing up and gave our mom plenty of headaches, she always had the heart and patience to forgive us and stand by our side. My mom had always been strict about certain things like school, grades, curfew, and table manners but she was pretty lenient with other things. Whenever it came to worries, fears, and dreams, she was always a safe place.

Now that I’m a mother, I realize how blessed and lucky we were to feel that sentiment so deeply. Knowing that my mom would always have our back made me feel comfortable enough to share my life experiences such as my first kiss, school problems, boyfriend issues, birth control, both of my pregnancies, marriage, and the list goes on and on. There’s nobody in the whole world that I would rather share things for the first time than with her. She has always been supportive through it all. No matter what I decide to do. I’ve changed careers 4 times already (from dentistry, to pre-medical, to nursing, to SAP.) She’s allowed me to be on reality TV and move cross-country with my boyfriend who eventually became my husband and father of our children.


Her parenting style has allowed me to become who I am today and I hope and pray to have the same relationship that I have with her with my 2 beautiful kids. I hope that my kids see me as their ally as they get older and that I make them feel the same comfort that my mom made me feel as a child. It’s funny how a simple sentence or gesture can be so powerful, don’t you think?


4 thoughts on “The Best Thing My Mom Did as a Parent

  1. Julie Andron says:

    Beautiful Karina! Your mom is a lovely woman and she raised you and your sister well .
    I am proud to have you as a daughter in law and mother of my beautiful grandchildren knowing that they too will be raised with love, guidance and support through out their lives just like you were. 😘


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