How to Travel with a Child Under 1

Traveling with an infant might sound scary and make some of us moms a little nervous or uneasy. My family and I are flying for the first time with our daughter in the upcoming year. Therefore, I have begun compiling a list of essentials that I considered important to take while traveling. I was recommended to start preparing a few days in advance so I don’t forget anything. I like being organized, so I made a list of everything I needed to pack and take with me on the plane.


1. Change of Clothes: Include a change of clothes for your child and a change of shirt for yourself in case there’s a potty disaster.

2. Diapers, Wipes, and Rash Cream: It is recommended to travel with one diaper per hour of travel plus some extra ones in case of delays. The rest of the diapers that you’ll be using throughout your vacation can be purchased at your destination. If you predict that it’ll be difficult to purchase diapers where you’ll be staying, make sure to pack enough in your luggage.

3. Baby Food and Formula: Take enough bottles for the trip. Contact your airline beforehand to make sure you know their policies in regards to prepared formula bottles. You can also buy water at any store after you have passed security and prepare it in the flight. My daughter will not drink a cold bottle, so having warm water is important for me. Ask before boarding if the flight attendants are able to provide you with some warm water while on the plane. Pack a bib for easy clean-up and plastic feeding spoons if your child is already eating solids.

4. Plastic Bags: Include some plastic bags in your diaper bag for soiled diapers or dirty clothes.

5. Pacifiers and Clip-Ons: Pack some extra pacifiers in your diaper bag. These will be useful to calm your baby or to be used during landing/ takeoff. My daughter tends to drop her pacifier so I like clipping her pacifier on her shirt. Pacifier wipes are also useful and easy to use in case your child drops the binky.

6. Emergency Sheet: Fill out an emergency sheet with your child’s information. Add contact names and phone numbers of healthcare providers and a list of medications your child is currently taking (if any). That way, you’ll have everything you need in one place.

7. Blanket: Pack a blanket in case it’s cold in the airplane or at the airport.

8. Toys, Books, and Ipad: Bring a goodie bag filled with baby’s favorite toys and a few surprises to keep your baby entertained. Some suggestions are pop-up books, rattles, or colorful toys with music. If you are OK with IPad entertainment, make sure you download your child’s favorite cartoons prior to the trip. A full battery charged IPad is important too!

9. Snacks: Pack some snacks for your child and for yourself! Any energy-boosting snacks for mom are great for long flights.

10. Chargers: I like to carry my IPad/ IPhone charger just in case I run out of battery. You never know if your flight ends up being delayed. It’ll be a good way to keep you and your child entertained.

11. Sling or Front Carrier: This is very useful to have because you’ll be able to carry your child and have your hands free for anything that you need to do. Plus babies love to be close to mom and dad.

12. Car Seat: If you’ve purchased an airplane seat ticket for your child, bring an FAA approved car seat for your child to seat in. This is the safest way for babies to fly.

13. Lightweight Stroller/ Umbrella Stroller: Some parents feel like it’s better to travel with a lightweight stroller (sometimes referred to as Umbrella Strollers) because they’re easy to carry and fold.


1. Outfits: I find it easier to separate each outfit for the day in different zip-lock bags. This is extremely useful because you are able to organize their shoes, socks, headbands/ hats, belts, pants, and shirts that you child will be using each day. This way, you’re not stuck in a scavenger hunt every time you’re going to dress your baby.

2. Hats: Pack some hats to shade your baby from sun in warm weather or to keep them warm during cold weather.

3. Sun-block: If you’re traveling to the beach, take some sun-block to protect your child’s skin from getting sun burned.

4. Inflatable Baby Bathtub: Taking an inflatable baby bathtub could make bath time easier at your destination.


1. Playpen: Call the hotel where you’ll be staying in advance to make sure that they can provide you with a playpen for your baby to sleep in. Some hotels require a playpen reservation prior to your arrival. If they’re not available, make sure to take your own.

2. Rent Baby Equipment: You are also able to rent strollers, car seats, playpens, or cribs at your destination. If you believe that this will not available in your final destination, plan ahead and take your own baby equipment.

3. Breatsfeeding/ Bottle: Encourage baby to breastfeed or drink from a bottle/ sippy-cup during landing or take-off to prevent baby’s ears to hurt from air pressure changes. Pacifiers are also used for this purpose.

I know it seems a bit overwhelming and a lot of items to take, but I always think that us moms need to be well prepared for any given circumstance. It is better to be ready, than sorry. I have found important that staying organized is crucial when you have a child. It relieves us from aggravations and unnecessary stress. At least it does for me. Hopefully our trip goes smoothly and if I missed something, I’ll make sure to include it in my next post. Happy holidays everyone!

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