About Me

IMG_5903My name is Karina Andron, the handsome guy next to me is my husband Joey, and the little snow bunny is my daughter Julianna. I’m a Venezuelan girl that grew up in Florida where I had the blessing to meet the man of my dreams. After dating for a year, we decided to move to Las Vegas and start a new life full of dreams and aspirations.

Our love grew stronger and deeper, so we decided to start a family. Soon after, I was pregnant with the little angel that changed our lives forever Рour sweet daughter Julianna. Almost 2 years later, our son Rocco came into our world and made life so much sweeter. Our family is now complete.

I created this page because I noticed that I am slowly discovering new things about myself as a mother and as a wife. Motherhood, is without a doubt, the most beautiful experience, but it isn’t always easy. I hope that you can find this page as a place to feel identified and supported throughout your journey as well.