How I Created a Beautiful Nursery

It would have been a good idea if these pictures made it to the blog before I had Julianna; however, they’re making their big debut 18 months later. The reason I decided to blog about it is because as I walked in there today, I couldn’t help but realize that her nursery is no longer a nursery. Colorful toys can be found in every corner. It’s clearly now her room.


Being pregnant with our second child has made me more receptive, aware, and way more sensitive than I ever thought. This pregnancy continues to flood my soul with tons of thoughts, emotions, feelings, and most importantly: memories – Memories that I’ve kept in my not so little mental memory box for 18 months. However, these old yet valuable memories continue to pop in my busy head every single day as if my heart feels as if I’ll replace them or one day forget about them. Not that I ever will. Ever.

Walking into her room today made me remember and reminisce of how excited my husband and I were to decorate her nursery. We wanted it to be as girly and delicate as possible. I knew we would spend the majority of our time in there, so we wanted to make it perfect.

Looking back into our decorating days, nesting surely kicked in to it’s maximum potential towards my 27th week or so. I had strong urges of completing it before Julianna was born. I wanted to be able to spend as much time as I could in her nursery before welcoming her into our family and our home. I thought it was a spiritual way to connect with my soon-to-be mom self.


We were very blessed to have received her beautiful Colette Tufted Crib as a gift to our daughter from my sister-in-law and Julianna’s Godfather. The details on her crib are so delicate and so perfect for the theme that we were going for. My husband and I couldn’t resist to match her sweetly sophisticated crib with an elegant and beautifully carved Marais Wide dresser from Restoration Hardware as well.

Her cute bunny rockerbunny plush play mat, bunny crib mobile, and crib bumper is from Pottery Barn Kids. They have so many adorable items in this store! I certainly could have shopped and gone overboard, but I didn’t, for the sake of my marriage.


To personalize her room a bit more, my husband wanted to do a chalkboard wall and write a sweet message for her. He took the time to write what his heart felt. This message (which we now have in tons of pictures) will be forever remembered and soon seen and appreciated by her. (By the way, that wall is probably one of her favorite things in her room. She draws on it daily and loves to be measured on it too.)


The small decorations in her room were given to us as gifts before her arrival. I personally and carefully made the frame for her with some of the thoughtful cards we received during her baby shower. I thought it was a cute and heartfelt touch to her room.


Her chandelier was a MUST to complete the girly look we were looking for, so we carefully and thoroughly searched for the ideal one. Overall, we are extremely satisfied with how we created her little love nest.

2 thoughts on “How I Created a Beautiful Nursery

    • mommymornings1 says:

      Thank you! Yes! I had thought about putting it on top of the changing table for easy grab, but good thing I didn’t. My daughter likes to grab EVERYTHING around her. It’s a perfect set up for us. 🙂


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