Top 10 Most Unforgettable Family Moments From 2016

2016 was an extremely successful year for us. At least I like to think so. It was a year filled with many moments of pure joy and happiness.

  1. We began our year by going back to Florida to introduce Julianna to both of our families; especially to our grandparents. We also had the opportunity to celebrate several birthdays while we were there. Including Joey’s. It was a trip where Joey and I also got to reconnect and spend some beautiful days together. Truly unforgettable. During this trip, I was also happily reunited with my best friend Brigitte, who I’ve known for years. My heart was filled with joy to have been able to spend time with every person that we love and care about.
  1. Julianna turned 1 this year, so we made sure we celebrated her big birthday the right way. Family flew in from all over the US to spend her big day with her. I have to say, her first birthday was very special to all of us.


  1. Shortly after her first birthday, Julianna also learned how to walk. It was very exciting for her and obviously for us as parents too! She is a very quick and smart learner and she has surprised us with different milestones throughout the year.
  1. Joey and I have also been fortunate enough to take several vacation trips to San Diego to enjoy the sun and the beach. Living in Las Vegas makes you miss the ocean so this was a perfect fix.


  1. Also, Joey has been extremely successful in his real estate career and was able to purchase his very first investment property. This gave him the flexibility to continue to purchase more homes and obtain great profits. I am so proud of his hard work and dedication.


  1. This lucky girl (moi) got a beautiful brand new car for Mother’s Day. My husband really knows how to spoil and surprise me. Well done babe.


  1. On a personal note, I was able to pass my SAP Certification exam my very first attempt. This gave me a tremendous amount of confidence and determination to be able to work for a big company that will give me the possibility of having financial independence. My husband and I decided that it would be best for me to begin my job search after our son is born – makes sense.


  1. We were blessed to have had our mothers visit us throughout the year. This has given us the opportunity to rest and dedicate some quality time to our marriage. Having a babysitter is expensive these days so we rarely get to have time for ourselves.


  1. To make our year even more special, we also found out we were expecting our baby #2, which turned out to be a baby BOY! We are beyond excited to have him March of next year. I know Julianna will absolutely love the company.
  1. To end our fantastic year, we also moved into our very new family home! We are official first-time homeowners and we couldn’t be happier. Joey and I have worked really hard to make it look beautiful and we have been nothing but in pure bliss with how everything is turning out. I can’t wait to create memories with our family and friends.

I want to wish you all a beautiful New Year filled with tons of love, happiness, health, and success. Thank you ALL for being part of my motherhood journey. ❤

How was 2016 for you and your family? I’d love to hear more stories. Please leave your comments below!

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