Sunday Vibes: Saying Hello to my 32’s

This birthday was by far one of the funnest birthdays I’ve ever had. Is funnest a word? Well, it was. Let’s just say it was one of the best birthdays I’ve had.

My birthday celebration started a few days early this year. My mom was in town for a few weeks and it coincided with my birthday. It had been over 10 years that we don’t spend a birthday together, so I’m happy we were able to make it happen. We made a yummy dinner and sat outside on our patio. We sang happy birthday with the kids and ate the delicious cake that I got from Nothing Bundt Cakes.

This year was different because I wasn’t pregnant, nursing, or sick. To make the deal sweeter, my husband booked a room for us at The Cosmopolitan hotel so we could have fun, let loose, and sleep in the next morning. How awesome is that? Not having to wake up extra early the next day feeling super hungover, and having to deal with the everyday tasks of motherhood? Did he say room at the Cosmo? I’ll take it!

My birthday weekend started with some tickets to go see the comedian Sebastian Maniscalco. He was hilarious! We laughed so hard. He’s such a funny and expressive guy, it’s really hard not to laugh. It was such a fun and lighthearted evening. Since we were starving, Joey suggested having dinner. We ended up having dinner at Nobu which is just simply delish.

Monday night was my night. I wore my sexy peach pink dress, tan shoes, wavy hair, and took extra time doing my make-up. My husband took the initiative to invite all of our friends to dinner at Beauty and Essex. He made sure the time and place were just perfect. He nailed it.

Dinner was phenomenal. The service was fantastic and the food was as delicious as always. It was food galore! I loved that our closest friends were there celebrating with me. My sister-in-law made the sweetest toast that brought tears to my eyes. I am so blessed to have been surrounded with such special individuals. Each one of them has a special place in my heart.

The night continued to Marquee nightclub where I got spoiled with an awesome table next to the DJ booth, complimentary bottles of Vodka and Champagne, and a big cake with lights that spelled my name. Our night was long but extremely fun.

Before heading to our room, we stopped by Secret Pizza and grabbed a couple of slices of pizza. Yum! We ended up going to bed at 5:30 a.m. Ohhhh! When in Vegas! (LOL) This city puts a spell on you where you lose track of time. Vegas is called “The city that never sleeps” for a reason.

The next morning was just blissful. We were in a dark huge wrap-around suite. It was cold, cozy, and kid free. We were able to take our time to wake-up, shower, and head downstairs for a relaxing day by the pool. We had some yummy mimosas and pool-side lunch. We relaxed and had a fun afternoon with our friends.

To end the night, we decided to have dinner at Scarpetta, which is a delicious Italian restaurant at the Cosmopolitan hotel.

I seriously couldn’t have asked for more, but once we got home, my kids surprised me with the sweetest little gift. Our babysitter took the time to make cute little birthday cards for me. She had Rocco and Julianna place their hands and feet next to cute pictures of them. I cried. How can something so little and simple melt my heart so much? I felt like I was gone for like a week. Even though it was nice having some adult time, I seriously missed them like crazy.

Just when I think my day is over, my husband approaches me and gives me the most beautiful birthday card where he dedicated a sweet paragraph for me. I also cried. The card was followed by a beautiful Rolex watch that he chose for me. Wow! He just always finds a way to surprise me big time.

I’m so happy to have married such a loving and thoughtful man. I owe him the world.

Do you like to celebrate your birthday big or just do something simple?

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