12 Reasons Why I’m Crazy in Love With My Husband

Being married might sound dreadful or boring to some people. Marriage, in my eyes, has changed us both; for the better, of course. Sometimes, I can’t get over how much I love Joey. Like, really love him. And it’s not just the everyday, comfortable kind of love. It’s the kind where my heart beats faster when he walks in the door. It’s the type of love that never gets old and that always has me wanting for more. Even after 6 years, I’m still crazy in love with my husband. It’s still exciting and fun, and magical, and a little insane sometimes.

Joey and I were talking the other night about how awesome our relationship has been so far and how blessed we continue to be. We laugh out loud aaaall the time, we can’t keep our eyes and hands off of each other, we love deeply, we make love often, and have hot steamy sex frequently, we joke around all the time, we help each other, we talk, we argue, we make-up, we kiss intensely, we’re supportive, we make beautiful and healthy babies, we’re loyal and we’re honest. We always stay connected.

Even though we are sometimes finding ourselves in the midst of the daily chaos of parenthood, we have agreed that we’ve found our perfect groove. He mentioned the other night that he loved the routine we have set in our home and that alone warms my heart. Joey and I work great as a team. If he senses stress in my eyes, he always offers a helping hand.

There’s an endless list of things that I love about my husband, but here are a few of them that I absolutely love.

So if you’re reading this Joey, thank you! This is for you baby.

1. He’s always thinking about me.

No matter where he is, I’m in his mind. As a simple example, I mentioned the other night before going to bed that for some reason I was craving brownies. (Pretty weird since I haven’t had them in a really long time.) The following day, he brought home a few brownies after work and placed them on the counter for me to find. How sweet is that? No, not the brownies! Him!

2. He admires me all the time.

I could be getting dressed, putting make-up on, having dinner, cleaning the house, or playing with our kids. His eyes always find me and when I catch him looking at me, he gives me the sweetest look that just melts my heart and gives me the urge of jumping on him and kissing him like crazy.

3. He cooks.

I mean, ladies… who doesn’t appreciate this perk? I can be exhausted or extremely busy with the kids/house chores and if he notices that I haven’t been able to get to the kitchen, he’ll take the initiative (without me having to ask) and he’ll whip up a delicious dinner.

4. He’s thoughtful.

Let me put it this way: He’s the type of guy that typically wakes up starving in the morning or that usually comes back wanting to eat the entire refrigerator after his bike rides, but if he sees there are only 2 eggs left, he’ll decide to eat something else so Julianna and I can have the eggs. I mean. Seriously? Who does that?

5. He’s a cleanΒ dude.

To this time and day, I still think he’s a unicorn. (Rare to find – is what I mean). Our house is always spotless, but if he’s around, he’ll help me tidy up and pick up when needed. He’ll pull out the vacuum or mop, wash dishes, do laundry, clean toilets, or whatever it takes to help out. He puts the toilet seat down! Really? Is he even real? I sure can’t deal with a slob.

6. He’s an awesome team player.

We’re like 2 automatic machines when it comes to our daily night routine at home. He’ll come home from work and he’ll dedicate time to the kids. We’ll then split up and he’ll take care of Julianna and I’ll take care of Rocco. #winning

7. He’s sexy as f*$%!

Eye candy? Yes. He’s the one. I look at him all day… every. damn. day. Yum!

8. He takes care of himself.

He’s the most active man I’ve met. He wakes up extra early in the morning so he can ride his bike for 2.5 hours and then he’s off to work. If he doesn’t wake up early enough for his bike ride, he’ll go to the gym. He eats healthy and is conscious of his health. There’s nothing more attractive to me than being with a man that looks good and feels good about himself.

9. He listens to me.

He always listens to me. No matter what the situation might be. We could be in an argument or simply having a conversation. He always takes into consideration my thoughts and feelings.

10. He’s an amazing dad.

It’s been 2 years, 7 months, and 24 days since he became a dad for the first time, and I still melt every time I see him with our kids. He’s such a hands-on and caring dad. It doesn’t matter how tired he is, he’ll always find time for me and the kids.

11. He’s confident and people know it.

He oozes strength and confidence and that to me is extremely important in a relationship. It makes me feel safe knowing that he’s leading the way.

12. He makes me feel safe.

It might sound kind of cheesy, but when I’m with him, I know that I’m safe or that at least he’ll do his best to keep us safe.

If I had the opportunity to marry this guy again, I would do it in a heartbeat.

What do you like the most about your love? Or what’s something you wish he’d do for you? I would love to know. Leave your comments down below!

With love,


3 thoughts on “12 Reasons Why I’m Crazy in Love With My Husband

    • Lorraine says:

      This is the way we are. We adore each other, totally in love with each other, respect each other and we have total trust in each other and the decisions we make. We are one!! We are soul mates!


  1. julia Andron says:

    I couldn’t stop reading this after I started.
    It was full of such amazing qualities that you were able and blessed to have found in a husband and father of your children.
    It’s nice to see that the both of you are on the same page about your relationship and the raising of your children. It is so important these days in fact every day.
    The love you both have for life and each other and your family is undeniable and beautiful.

    It was so refreshing to read about happy healthy relationship full of love.

    Thank you for posting.

    Love, Julie


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