Early and Crazy Saturday Morning

Hi all!

Today was an early day for me and the kids. It was like a fire drill from the very moment I opened my eyes.

Rocco decided to wake up at 6:45 a.m. this morning. I think it’s because his temperature room was extremely cold.

I rushed over to his bedroom (without a bottle! Dumb me.)

I picked him up and tried to calm him down but as soon as he saw me empty-handed, he began crying loudly as if he was hysterically complaining of my ineptitude. His loud cry obviously woke Julianna up too. Darn it. #winning

As I’m holding Rocco in my arms and after telling Julianna to please sit patiently in her crib while I made Rocco his bottle, I ran to the kitchen and did my thing. I go back to Julianna’s room and notice that the bottle was way too hot for him to drink.

“Jeez Karina, get it together! Can I get something right this morning?” I thought to myself.

After some crazy scrambling, I was able to feed Rocco and get Julianna out of her crib.

I finally started our usual morning routine and I approach my husband to see how he’s feeling. Unfortunately, his cold has gotten the best of him. He explained that his sinuses were inflamed and therefore causing some sort of pain or discomfort throughout his face.

Poor dude.

I’m happy I’ve been shaking this thing off. By shaking I mean I’ve been sweating it off however I can. I’ve been pretty obsessed with TruFusion lately. I’ve been taking heated yoga classes, heated pilates classes, and barefoot bootcamps.Β After I’m done with those challengingΒ classes, I feel like a new woman. It honestly feels as if you detoxifyΒ every part of your body. Not only that, but they’re fun, energetic, and modern. They play loud and trendy music to make it extremely fun. The movements incorporated into each workout make you feel sexy and full of life. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. You’ll love it.

Besides sweating trying to sweat this nasty cold out, I have also tried adding Ginger to my green juices or hot lemonades. I’ve read ginger is great to boost and balance the immune system to restore its proper functioning.

Yes, please! I’ll take it.

I’m happy that even though I had a crazy start to my day, I was still able to fit my workout of the day in and feel AWE-SOME! #goals

What are you doing this Saturday or weekend? Hope it’s a fun one!

Love always,


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